Are you an Optimist or a Pessimist?

Are you an Optimist or a Pessimist?


Predominantly, are you an optimist or a pessimist? It is an intriguing question, isn't it?. It makes us stop to really think about it. And normally, we fell inclined to choose one the options, isn't?. As if we need to have a definite answer about ourselves, no matter how brief is that awareness. Well, I believe that the best answer is neither, or both, i.e., we shouldn't be so optimistic as to start building castles in the skies where no one else lives except for our imagination and, consequently, we have no time or energy to put into practice or materialize our "dreams", nor should we be so pessimistic that life becomes a painful and fearful journey where the impossibility of changing or improving things seem to be non-existing and, as a consequence, we drown ourselves into a quicksand of despair and lethargy. In other words, our optimism should be strong enough to motivate ourselves to go after the things that we want to achieve in life in spite of the possible obstacles whereas our pessimism should be powerful enough to give us a sense of pragmatism so that we can objectively design a path that is achievable. Similarly, the same reasoning applies to spirituality and materialism, I believe that both exist for a reason and, in the lucid understanding of their roles and the reasonable use of them is where one can find the immensely abundant harmony that makes our journeys through life more inspiring, enchanting and loving. So, what are you, a pessimist or an optimist?. (Tadany – 07 10 16)


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A corrupção é primogênita da nossa passividade, minha e tua. Precisamos aceitar o nosso dever de cidadãos para mudar as nefastas realidades que assolam a nossa pátria. (Tadany)
Tudo é mental. Nada existe além de nossa Consciência. (Tadany)
A arte é o orgasmo contínuo da Inteligência. (Tadany)

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